Joshua Oreskovich

Hi, I'm Joshua.
I'm an aspiring game designer.

You're probably here to see if I'm a good fit for your project or business goals. This site is designed to showcase my latest work, and will continue to be a work in progress itself as I design and continue to design a higher fidelity vision of what I love.

I really have one outstanding goal above all others for professional design, and that is to take games to the highest level of achievement possible.

...I still remember being a nine year old boy and seeing AD&D laid out on a table for the first time. I also remember spending the weeks of my youth planning for the next big game date. And since then I've ingested 'all the medias and mediums', becoming both critic and student of them all.

There's also one very special thing about me that I need to explain before we go further: I'm autistic.
This means I do need affable project partners as well as a quiet and safe work environment. But it also means I have laser sharp focus on the craft that I love and will take that as far as possible...

To Joshua: